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To become a member of Mid-Coast Audubon, join online or send a donation to:

Mid-Coast Audubon, Box 458, Damariscotta, ME 04543

Injured Bird?

Please contact Avian Haven in Freedom, at (207) 382-6761.

It is illegal, by both state and federal law, to possess a migratory bird or bird parts unless properly licensed. Kindly give dead birds a burial. They would have been recycled naturally had you not found them.

Mid-Coast Audubon Directory


President, Sue Schubel, (207) 380-1370

Vice President, John Weinrich, (207) 563-2930

Secretary, Sherrie York, (719) 239-0590

Treasurer, Lewis Purinton, (207) 549-5257


Steve Barnes, Port Clyde, ME

Kathy Cartwright, Waldoboro, ME

Phyllis Coelho, Searsport, ME

Bill Goodwill, Friendship, ME

Dennis McKenna, Damariscotta, ME

Kristin Pennock, Whitefield, ME

Gail Presley, Rockland, ME

Don Reimer, Warren, ME

Juanita Roushdy, Bremen, ME


Bill Goodwill


Field Trip Planning
Leader, Dennis McKenna, (207) 563-8439
Leader, John Weinrich, (207) 563-2930
Don Reimer
Bill Goodwill
Lew Purinton

Program Planning
Kathy Cartwright, (207) 832-5584

Rare & Unusual Bird Sightings
Don Reimer, (207) 273-3146

Sue  Schubel, (207) 644-1077

The Merganser
Produced three times a year, February, May, November
Copy due 15th of the month preceding to:
Juanita Roushdy, Editor, (207) 529-2355 or email her.

Maine Audubon questions: email, or call (207) 781-2330